Organic produce in stores

This article was originally published in March 2019

Purple sprouting broccoli.
  • Organic, local purple sprouting broccoli — PCC advocated state funding several years ago to help bring this local winter vegetable to market, helping to support local growers. Bred in the Pacific Northwest by expert seed breeders with the Organic Seed Alliance and grown by a network of organic farmers during the winter, this variety cooks up like other broccoli. Growers include Dungeness Organic in Sequim, Washington and Mustard Seed Farms in St. Paul, Oregon.
  • Organic asparagus — from California
  • Organic cherimoya — from California
  • Organic honeydew, cantaloupe, mini seedless watermelon — from Mexico
  • Organic Altaulfo mangoes — young, baby honey mangoes from Mexico
  • Organic Honeygold grapefruit — this sweet grapefruit from Texas has a short season. Get them while you can.

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