New shelf tags and how to read them

by Jess Lyons and Heather Snavely

This article was originally published in November 2017

PCC’s new shelf tags have a different look. But rest assured we’ve kept many of the same easy-to-shop features from our last tags.

One difference you’ll notice is that we’re introducing boldly colored bars on the left side to highlight a few key traits that members tell us are most important to them about products. We hope this will support transparency about the choices before you.

Colored bars

Instead of listing traits on the bottom of the tag like we did before, we have moved to prominently colored “flags” that highlight the most important attributes of products on the left side of our shelf tags.

If products have multiple traits – for example, organic, gluten-free and non-GMO – those traits now are listed in small black font on the right side of the shelf tag. Some tags may list one attribute, while others may show up to four. Here are the colors you’ll see and what they mean:

New shelf tags and how to read them

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