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This article was originally published in September 2017

In Season

  • Honeycrisp apples — from River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash.
  • Bosc pears — from River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash.
  • Organic Seckel pears — from River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash.
  • Organic Flavor Grenade pluots — from First Fruits of Washington
  • Organic Keitt mangoes — from Corona College Heights in Coachella, Calif.
PCC Nutrition educator Marilyn Wall's picks

PCC Nutrition educator Marilyn Walls’ picks

Cannabis Basics XXX Rescue Butter

This cream offers topical relief for pain symptoms by combining hemp seed oil, rich in omegas and vitamins; walnut and hazelnut oils; cannabinoid extracts; and extracts from botanicals, such as arnica and lavender. The lovely texture and soothing aroma contribute to the relaxing effect. There are no psychoactive properties in this topical cream and therefore can be sold over the counter under Washington state law.

Natural Factors Whole Body Optimizer

This formula includes some of my go-to nutrients. The curcumin, which gives turmeric its yellow color, is absorbed easily and stays longer in the blood stream, giving it more exposure to the inflammatory response system. With the omega-3s DHA and EPA, plus a potent antioxidant complex from seven fruit extracts (think blueberry and its cousins bilberry and cranberry), this supplement supports the basics of cognitive, joint and heart health.

Firefly Yin Yang Carrots

These mild fermented carrots are made by a young Seattle company. I’ve found that even kids like them! You can add healthy bacteria to your diet by putting these tasty carrots on salads, slaw, a dip tray or in a taco.

PCC Nutrition educator Nick Rose's picks

PCC Nutrition educator Nick Rose’s picks

Farm Day Cauliflower Crumbles

Swap this cauliflower “rice” in for ground meat as a taco filling, mash in place of potatoes, incorporate into a grain-free pizza crust, or replace rice for a healthier fried “rice” dish. Cauliflower is an outstanding source of vitamin C and provides a good dose of fiber, folate and omega-3 fatty acids. Cauliflower contains just 30 calories per cup (rice has more than 2001). Look for cauliflower “rice” in the produce department.

Sunflower seeds (in bulk)

Looking for a healthy, affordable, convenient snack food? Look to PCC’s bulk foods department for a selection of raw, roasted and flavored sunflower seeds. Just a small handful provides your entire daily supply of vitamin E, plus additional minerals including selenium, copper and manganese to support your antioxidant defense system. Great protein boost for a green salad!

Grace Harbor Farms kefir

The only whole-milk kefir available at PCC comes from a local micro-dairy using vat-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk from Jersey and Guernsey cows raised on pasture north of Bellingham. Kefir contains billions of probiotic bacteria, highly absorbable calcium and protein, and makes a great base for thick and creamy smoothies. Available in plain and vanilla.


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