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Sound Consumer January 2017

Starting next month, the print version of Sound Consumer will have a different look. Instead of 12 pages, it will be reduced to 8 pages because we’ll no longer have advertisements. But don’t worry — we’ll still have the same great content! You’ll still find all your favorites, including feature stories, recipes, news bites, letters to the editor and more.

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Tips for getting your child to love vegetables

PCC Cooks instructor and cookbook author Cynthia Lair says, "In almost every class that I've taught for parents, someone raises their hand to say, 'My husband/daughter/son hates vegetables. What should I do?'" Here are tips for getting your kids to like vegetables, from carrots to kale.

Letters to the editor, January 2017

Animal welfare, Pure éire Dairy, Organic Farm School, and more

Staff picks

This month our staff are crazy about PCC shrimp and crab cakes, bulk almond butter, two stand-out wines, a soothing face cream, and more. Also, stock up on Kishu mandarins and Marmalade Seville oranges while they're in season!