Proposed PCC bylaws

This article was originally published in April 2016

PCC members have the opportunity to support our co-op by voting in our annual election between April 13 and May 23. Items of business for member vote this year include the election of members of the board of trustees and nominating committee and the approval of amended bylaws.

The proposed amended bylaws were prepared by a task force established by the board of trustees two years ago to ensure that our bylaws, which last were amended in 2008, are up-to-date with changes in state law, reflect the best cooperative governance practices, and empower our co-op to continue to thrive. Many provisions of our current bylaws have been revised or expanded, some new ones have been added, and others were rewritten for clarity but remain unchanged in substance. The amended bylaws represent the culmination of hundreds of hours of work by members, trustees, PCC staff and outside experts in consumer cooperative law and principles.

Because they’re interconnected, the amended bylaws are submitted for approval in their entirety, as one document and not as individual provisions. The complete proposed amended bylaws are at The 2016 Election Guide, including your ballot, will be in stores on April 13 and in the May Sound Consumer. For a summary of the key provisions of the amended bylaws, see here.

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