PCC policy actions

Sound Consumer November 2015

PCC’s public affairs team recently has:

  • Submitted comments to the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) on use of fracking waste water in organic crop systems; celery powder; potassium phosphate; sodium phosphate; magnesium carbonate; and National Organic Program/NOSB relations.
  • Sent a letter to all PCC vendors reminding them of our pledge and criteria for identifying GMO foods in our stores by 2018.
  • Sent a letter to PCC beer, wine and hard cider vendors asking them to sign affidavits confirming their products do not contain ingredients prohibited by PCC. Alcoholic beverages are not required by law to label or disclose ingredients so we must ask!
  • Participated in an “industry lab” on sustainability and traceability in the seafood industry.

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