PCC’s organic espresso and drip coffee


Consistent care and quality in every cup

Not only are our packaged and bulk coffees certified organic at PCC, but our espresso bars are as well! Choose from Organic Valley cow’s milk or from four organic milk alternatives — soy, rice, almond and coconut — for your latte, mocha or cappuccino at no extra charge.

If you like what you taste, head over to the grocery aisles where you’ll find each blend available in bulk, ready to take home and brew. Learn more about PCC’s coffee standards and why all the beans we sell are certified organic, fairly traded, shade-grown and locally roasted.

Four fantastic blends

Each of our blends for espresso and drip hail from Tony’s Coffees & Teas in Bellingham, Wash.

“We’ve found several great blends from Tony’s,” says Jill Edwards, coffee specialist for PCC. “They have depth and flavor and a punch to them. But they’re smooth enough that you can have multiple cups throughout the day.”

  • French Royale
    A hearty and bittersweet dark roast with a very full finish.
  • Seasonal Blend
    A seasonal offering that changes throughout the year so that it’s always the perfect complement to our Northwest weather.
  • Pacific Decaf
    A dark, full-flavored roast with a smooth finish, created through a Swiss Water Process.
  • Espresso Noir
    A dark roast with a velvety crema and a rich, vanilla-brown sugar finish. Available as espresso only.