Creating community around food

This article was originally published in May 2015

creating community

Families helping families

From May 1 to 31, we’ll be donating 5 percent of all PCC Kid Picks product sales (up to a total of $10,000) to Seattle Children’s programs that educate youth and families about nutrition. Your purchase of Kid Picks products this month directly benefits the Children’s Organic Garden at Seattle Children’s, which provides a hands-on learning environment for teaching patients and their families how to develop and sustain healthy habits.

PCC Kid Picks

You’ll find more than 1,500 bright orange PCC Kid Picks labels on our store products. These easy-to-spot labels are only given to foods that have been approved by at least two-thirds of our kid judges at our regular Kid Picks tastings. From fresh fruits to salmon burgers, these are foods that even picky eaters are likely to enjoy. To explore the complete selection of Kid Picks products, visit the online database.

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