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This article was originally published in September 2014

And the award goes to…

We’re thrilled to announce that our third Community Grant has been awarded to the Magnuson Children’s Garden.

This summer, they partnered with Magnuson Community Center to provide a garden training program for formerly homeless teens, who will then go on to share their skills with younger residents of Magnuson Park low-income housing through the community center’s Teens Teach program. As the garden’s Committee Chair Emily Bishton says, “It’s really been a community effort to keep this garden going!”

Our $1,000 award allows the Children’s Garden to build new garden infrastructure that will provide easier access for young children, as well as greatly expanded year-round growing opportunities and better irrigation. As the gardens expand, they will be able to add to the produce already donated to the North Helpline Food Bank and the park’s low-income residents.


Alaffia Bicycle Challenge

Saturday, September 27, Edmonds PCC
Sunday, September 28, Seward Park PCC

Since 2008, PCC and our customers have helped Alaffia sustainable skin care in Olympia, Wash., collect bicycles as part of Alaffia’s Bicycles for Education program, which distributes them to disadvantaged students in Togo, West Africa. This year, you can donate functional, adult-sized bicycles at two of our stores. Learn more about Alaffia and this program >>


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