Beyond PB&J

This article was originally published in September 2014

With allergies to peanut butter (and other popular nut butters) continuously on the rise, the classic PB&J sandwich is at risk of becoming an endangered species. While the childhood favorite is unlikely to completely disappear, the emergence of seed butters does make it easier to create similar sandwiches that are safe. Try these three satisfying combos for a quick and simple lunch for your child or even as your own midday meal at the home office. They won’t disappoint.

Tahini + Sliced Apples

Made from hulled sesame seeds, tahini has a delicate roasted sesame flavor without any sweetness. Spread Woodstock Farms Organic Sesame Tahini on sandwich bread and then add thin slices of apple for a savory-sweet match.

Sunflower Butter + Banana + Honey

Most similar to peanut butter in taste and consistency, sunflower seed butter is a good source of protein and also boasts a high vitamin E content. We love SunButter Organic Sunflower Seed Spread because it contains no added sugar or salt. Pair it with slices of banana and then lightly drizzle with honey.

Pumpkin Seed Butter + Bacon or Turkey

Rich and creamy, pumpkin seed butter has a nutty taste and is a good source of protein and vitamin K. Combine a generous smear of Wilderness Poets Raw Pumpkin Seed Butter with a couple slices of cooked bacon or deli turkey.

Revised September 2020

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