Frozen fun

This article was originally published in August 2014

When the sun is at full throttle, cool down with a frozen novelty made from quality ingredients. We have options for a variety of diets, so everyone can indulge in a little summer treat. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find at your neighborhood PCC.


GoodPop All-Natural Frozen Pops

These mouthwatering popsicles are made in small batches with lots of fresh fruit. Choose from tasty flavor combinations such as Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Agave and Hibiscus Mint.


Julie’s Organic Gluten Free Sandwich Cookies

Gluten free, these ice cream sandwiches come in decadent flavor combos such as lemon yogurt with vanilla cookies, cherry cheesecake ice cream with chocolate cookies and carrot cake ice cream with ginger cookies.


Julie’s Organic Sorbet Bars

At only 60 calories a bar, these smooth and refreshing treats are naturally fat free and burst with flavor thanks to organic fruit. Find them in Blackberry and Mandarin Orange.


Ciao Bella Gelato Squares

These tasty squares in Key Lime Graham feature creamy, tart key lime gelato sandwiched between two honey graham wafers for a salty-crunchy-sweet delight that defies the classic interpretation of an ice cream sandwich.


So Delicious Minis Coconut Milk Bars

The perfect snack size, these little bars are made with coconut milk and sweetened with agave. They’re completely dairy and soy free. Try them in Vanilla or Coconut Almond.

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