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This article was originally published in August 2014

Rainier Valley Heritage Parade & Summer Streets

August 16, Noon to 5:30 p.m.

The hydro races and Blue Angels are long gone by the time Seafair events wrap up for the season, when Columbia City hosts the final parade with the Rainier Valley Heritage Parade. The new PCC TasteMobile will hand out goodies during the parade and present a make-your-own trail mix activity for the Summer Streets festival immediately following, when Rainier Avenue is closed to cars for a nine-block stretch. Come enjoy this celebration of cultural diversity in Rainier Valley, where we’ll be opening a new location in 2015.


Kids Obstacle Challenge

PCC is proud to be the fruit sponsor for the Subaru Kids Obstacle Challenge. We’ll provide healthy snacks to the very muddy participants in a fun kid-friendly mud run in Redmond. Parents are welcome to run along with their kids and complete the obstacles, too. For more information, visit


Make Summertime Fritters

Even picky eaters could learn to love these fresh, crispy fritters featuring the season’s most popular squash. Watch PCC Chef Jackie Freeman use zucchini to make crispy Summertime Fritters with her 8-year-old helper Jasper and his mom, Claudia.


Homemade Pesto with Chef Lynne Vea

Pesto adds the fragrance and flavors of summer to pasta, pizza, sandwiches, grilled meats and so much more. Learn how to create your own pestos.


How to slice watermelon

Watermelon wrangling doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Discover how to easily, safely turn those oversized ovals into juicy single servings.


Market Nights

This charming new video from Evening Magazine shows off a Market Nights event, which gets kids excited about eating fruits and veggies.


PCC Cooks catalog

Check out the new fall course catalog from PCC Cooks, including a full schedule of classes in our new classroom at Greenlake Village.

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