Spring desserts

This article was originally published in June 2014

Gotta get a galette

A great dessert deserves the perfect topping — and there are easy options that go beyond whipped cream or ice cream.

While summer fruit is blissful when just eaten out of hand, it’s hard to argue with gilding the lily. The PCC Bakery crafts delicious galettes that accent top quality fruits with the perfect accessories. These galettes have a free-form single crust, filled with a layer of almond cream and topped with a variety of flavorful summertime treats like berries and stone fruits.


Special occasion cakes

Our custom cakes are baked with impeccable ingredients and can be decorated with simple messages — perfect for graduations and birthdays.

While our bakery is not allergen-free, you can choose from recipe variations like traditional, vegan and wheat-free by recipe in a variety of flavors, in sizes from 8-inch layers to a half sheet that serves 40. Our signature cakes offer four flavor options (including the decadent three-layer Chocolate Mousse Cake) that are absolute show-stoppers.

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