What’s in store for January

This article was originally published in January 2014

In health and body care

Nose & throat comfort

Colds might not count as a serious illness, but they sure can make us miserable. Xlear Nasal Spray works to keep your nose happy (or at least more comfortable) with a touch of xylitol and grapefruit seed extract in a sterile saline base. It doesn’t contain the drying antihistamines or decongestants that are typically included in nasal sprays — just a gentle blend designed to keep your airways clean and hydrated.

Sore throats can find relief with Barlean’s Olive Leaf Complex Throat Spray. Natural peppermint, lemon and sage oils cool and refresh irritated throats, while the antioxidant-packed olive leaf extract might help you feel better more quickly.


In produce

Tangerine taste test

With a juicy burst of organic sweetness, tangerines are a delicious way to extend the New Year’s celebrations. The season’s first option is the clementine (singing “Oh My Darling” is optional) and moves on to several species, including the tiny, adorable kishu. The skin of these easy-to-peel fruits can feel a bit loose, and that’s exactly how they’re meant to be. Some varieties have seeds, while others are seedless — just ask our produce specialists if you have questions. Juice them for smoothies, pack them into lunches or use in weekend mimosas.


In the wine department

Way Out West wines

PCC is proud to introduce two exclusive wines. The idea behind our Way Out West label is to offer the best possible expression of Washington’s character. This was easy, thanks to fantastic components created by our friends at Terra Blanca Winery.

Roosevelt Red Merlot is one of our state’s unsung heroes, and it’s our foundation, with bright fruit and notes of spice, gravel and sage. A dash of cabernet sauvignon adds sturdy tannins and blackberries, while syrah rounds out the picture with rich, dark fruits.

Roll on, Columbia The chardonnay is made with the same idea: bright, clean flavors that allow the beautiful Red Mountain fruit to shine. Vibrant tones are woven with bold strokes of apple and citrus, highlighted with Washington’s classic accents of sage and dusty gravel.

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