Desk drawer pantry

This article was originally published in February 2013

When hunger strikes, a well-stocked desk drawer “pantry” will keep you going strong (and, possibly fuel the lagging energy of your office mates as well!). Here’s what we reach for in a pinch to satisfy a variety of cravings.


Crispy and crunchy

Somersaults are tasty, bite-size snacks made of sunflower and sesame seeds that truly satisfy thanks to their combo of protein, fiber and vitamin E.

Other options: Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks and PCC’s bulk granola.


PCC’s bulk section offers a vast array of snacks to satisfy your salt tooth, including our deluxe nut mix.

Also good: Yogurt covered pretzels from the bulk section and Theo Chocolate’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate Bar.


Zing Almond Blueberry bars are made with almond butter and organic blueberries for a protein- and fiber-rich snack that also happens to be free of wheat, gluten and soy.

Also good: KIND Almond & Coconut bar, a satisfying, chewy combo.

Protein rich

Wild Planet sardines and tuna offer a quick, nourishing meal. Stash with your favorite crackers.

Other options: a carton of Pacific Foods Vanilla Almond Milk or protein powder with a shake jar for an easy protein shake.


Pacific Foods offers its wholesome soups in handy cartons that make a warm lunch simple. Our best sellers include Thai Sweet Potato, and Roasted Garlic Mushroom Lentil.

Also try: Edward & Sons Miso-cup envelopes. They’re vegan and MSG-free.


Ginger People ginger chews are an invigorating snack that also can help combat nausea.

Also try: PCC dried fruit, and cocoa-covered almonds from PCC’s bulk section.

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