Bulk spotlight: black-eyed peas

This article was originally published in January 2013

New Year’s Day tradition in the South calls for eating black-eyed peas — the pea, with its “knowing eye,” is said to bring luck and prosperity for the coming year.

However black-eyed peas are a satisfying comfort food all winter long. Members of the legume family, they’re actually beans and are a good source of potassium, iron and fiber. Find them in our bulk department where you can snag just the amount you need.

Recipes to try

Good Ol’ Hoppin’ John — To make a real feast of it, serve with cornbread and leafy greens. Get recipe »

White Bean Spread — Try this twist on the traditional Tuscan bean dip. This spread is delicious on artisan-baked bread. Get recipe »

Savory Rainbow Bean and Whole Grain Winter Soup — The combination of tender beans and chewy grains is stellar in this soup. The addition of fire-roasted tomatoes, winter greens and pasta makes it a cozy, complete meal. Get recipe »

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