6 grab-and-go breakfast ideas

This article was originally published in August 2012

Sweet pastries are just one option for breakfast on the run. The PCC Deli is filled with unconventional items for your morning meal that will keep you fueled and your taste buds piqued, ready to take on that next summer adventure.

Enjoy your own personal quiche, made from scratch with local cage-free eggs and ingredients such as Hempler’s bacon and fresh veggies. At five inches, they can be shared as part of a meal or provide a substantial portion for one. You’ll find them in great flavors including Quiche Lorraine, Spinach Red Pepper, Mushroom Onion, and Ham and Cheddar.

Go Parisian and grab a demi baguette from The Essential Baking Co. Then pick up creamy goat cheese or cream cheese spread in one-ounce containers or a single pat of butter, all available in the deli to-go case. Or swing by the cheese section and thumb through the “bit basket,” where you’ll find an assortment of small cheese wedges, perfect for a single meal.

Pick up a container of freshly cut, organic, seasonal fruit, already washed and prepped, ready to relish. In August you’ll find strawberries, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe and oranges. Or snag a yogurt parfait starring organic vanilla yogurt from Nancy’s (a soy option also is available), PCC Granola and seasonal fruit, such as berries. It’s the perfect mix of cream and crunch, with a touch of sweet.

Love burritos? Select a warm breakfast burrito that features a whole-wheat tortilla wrapped around freshly scrambled eggs, cheese, peppers, onions, zucchini and mushrooms and is available with or without sausage. You’ll find them at all stores but Seward Park.

A longtime deli favorite, our Southwest Corn Pudding is a savory treat of organic corn, cornmeal and chiles baked with egg whites, quark and pepper jack cheese. Soft and creamy in the middle but golden on the outside, it’s fantastic hot or cold. Or get one of our risotto cakes, in flavors such as Roasted Mushroom and Broccoli and Cheese, for a great breakfast bite.

Get a boost of protein with organic hard-boiled eggs, grab-and-go bacon (we’ve already cooked it for you and wrapped it up), seasoned black beans, or single-serving nut butters such as cashew or pistachio from Wilderness Poets.

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