Chatterbox for December

by Karen Gaudette

This article was originally published in December 2011

All those last-minute trips to PCC for a missing ingredient, one last Russian Tea Cake or that perfect bottle of wine can really add up in December. Every third time you “check in” at a PCC location via Foursquare or Facebook nets you a tasty, seasonal treat! Through Dec. 9, the prize is a free, fresh-baked cookie. During Dec. 10 through Dec. 24, it’s a free cupcake from the PCC Bakery. And the last week of the year, you’ll head home with a free local and organic D’Anjou pear. If you’re a lunchtime PCC Deli regular for soup, sandwiches, salads and more, you might even win all three before the month’s over.

Speaking of wine, our beer and wine specialists have created a Facebook page (PCC Drink This! Wine and Beer) and are ready to answer your questions, share suggestions and otherwise help. Ask away!

Entertain with ease this holiday season with helpful hints and tips from PCC. Pick up our Holiday Guide in-store or visit to reserve beef rib roast and other centerpiece meats; order complete meals; find scores of recipes from side dishes to mouthwatering desserts; and learn to assemble a tantalizing cheese board.

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