PCC Food Bank Program

PCC’s Food Bank Program has been making a difference in our community for over 25 years. With your donation, we purchase nutritious bulk foods that are most needed at each food bank — grains, beans, soup mix and more — at discounted wholesale prices. One hundred percent of all the funds donated to the PCC Food Bank Program go directly to the food banks in the form of food or cash; nothing is used for administrative costs.

Partner Food Banks

From Greenwood to West Seattle, meet our partner food banks and consider volunteering at one of our packaging parties.

Volunteer at a packaging work party

With the help of our amazing volunteers, we’re able to package our purchased bulk food into family-sized portions ready for distribution at each partner food bank. 

Donate online

If you can’t volunteer, you can still make a difference. Each dollar you donate equals about two pounds of basic bulk food that will give nourishment to a hungry family in our community.