Supporting the Pollution Prevention for Our Futures Act

January 24, 2019


PCC is serious about getting toxic chemicals out of consumer products, which is why on January 24, 2019, we submitted a letter of support for the Pollution Prevention for Our Futures Act.

Introduced in late January 2019 by Representative Doglio, the bill (HB 1194) enables the Washington State Department of Ecology (WDOE) to take several steps to identify, track, and regulate priority chemicals in priority consumer products. The bill would require WDOE to identify five priority chemicals and the priority products containing these priority chemicals every five years. Once identified, WDOE must determine the appropriate regulatory action. This could include restricting or prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or use of a priority chemical in a consumer product. WDOE could also require manufacturers to provide information about the use of chemicals to assist in the future identification of priority chemicals and consumer products.

For some of the potential priority chemicals identified in the bill, such as Bisphenol-A and perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, PCC has already taken steps to remove or limit their presence in our stores. This bill would make it easier for other industry leaders to make similar changes and keep looking forward to a less toxic future.



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