Proposed Changes to WA State Food Safety Rules

August 8, 2019

PCC provided a first round of comments to the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), asking to expand options for consumers to use their own reusable containers in food establishments.

Because single-use plastic packaging is an escalating environmental issue, consumers and retailers alike are looking for ways to reduce their plastic waste. Unfortunately, Washington’s food safety laws, as currently written, restrict customers’ ability to bring reusable containers into most food establishments, such as grocery stores and restaurants.

The DOH drafted and released for stakeholder review their first round of proposed changes in July 2019 and plans to release a proposed rule to the public in early 2020.

Overall, PCC supported many of the food safety rule changes concerning reusable containers, however, we had a number of suggestions on how to create broader options for customers and food establishments.

In addition to comments on reusable containers, PCC provided feedback to the DOH on some other topics of proposed changes including employee health, shelf dates for cheeses, and donated food.

Read PCC’s full comments to the DOH on the proposed changes to food safety rules here.

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