Support for Agricultural Resilience Act

February 26, 2020

PCC issued a statement of support for the Agricultural Resilience Act (ARA) introduced by Congresswoman Chellie Pingree of Maine. The ARA would set goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector, while protecting and supporting rural communities and farmers.

PCC’s Director of Advocacy and Product Sustainability submitted the following statement of support to be included in Congresswoman Pingree’s press release of the ARA:

“We support the Agricultural Resilience Act and believe that through the emphasis of strong soil health principles, increased funding for conservation and organic programs, and ambitious carbon reduction and sequestration goals, this bill is a comprehensive and collaborative step towards meaningful climate action in the agricultural sector.”

Climate change has exacerbated the existing risks involved in farming and swift action is critical to mitigate the impacts from drought, unseasonable temperature extremes, and other extreme weather events. The ARA would be a framework to empower farmers with the necessary tools and support to reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and build climate resilience. Agriculture is impacted by climate change and contributes to it, but it also has the potential to offer solutions through farming practices that are less resource-intensive and harmful to surrounding ecosystems.

Under the ARA, the agricultural sector would need to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. To reach the target emissions reductions in agriculture, the ARA would focus on research investment, protecting farmland, reducing food waste, encouraging on-farm renewable energy projects, supporting pastured livestock, and improving soil health.

To learn more about the Agricultural Resilience Act, click here.

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