PCC Joins America is Still in Climate Pledge

December 12, 2020

PCC joined other businesses, cities, educational institutions, organizations, and faith leaders across the United States in the “America Is Still In” pledge, reaffirming a commitment to global climate action.

TheWe are Still In coalition was launched in 2017 as a signal to the world that while the current administration had withdrawn from the Paris Agreements, thousands of local governments, businesses, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and faith leaders were still committed to upholding the United States’ pledge to reduce emissions.

The 2020 America Is All In declaration renews that commitment. It was released to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Paris Agreement and will be delivered to the incoming Biden-Harris administration, signaling the commitment of leaders across the nation to act on climate change.

PCC signed the original We Are Still In declaration in 2017 and have renewed that pledge as climate change continues to be a priority for PCC in our advocacy work, product sustainability standards, and store operations. Climate action is critical to ensuring the resilience of our food and agriculture systems and is vital to the health and well-being of our shoppers, members, and communities. A number of companies that PCC proudly sells have also signed the pledge, including Straus Family Creamer, Dr. Bronner’s, Lundberg Family Farms, and Moon Valley Organics.

View the statement and signatories at AmericaIsAllIn.com  
Learn more at WeAreStillIn.com

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