Opposition to Streamlining WA State Biosolids Permitting

January 24, 2020

PCC submitted a letter to the Washington State Department of Ecology opposing a proposal to streamline the permitting process for biosolid applications.

“Biosolids” refers to treated sewage sludge, which is then applied to cropland as a fertilizer or soil amendment. There are significant concerns over the potential introduction of toxins and pathogens into soil and aquatic ecosystems from biosolid application.

PCC opposes the application of biosolids in general and opposes streamlining or simplifying the permitting process for biosolid facilities. If the department continues to grant permits for application of biosolids, PCC would encourage a review of each permit request to verify that the specific use would not impact vulnerable species or ecosystems.

Read PCC’s full letter to the department of ecology here.

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