Get iconic recipes from PCC’s deli

Emerald city salad

When you visit a PCC deli, there are real people — and stories — behind some of your favorite dishes.

Did you know that PCC’s Emerald City Salad was named one of Seattle’s signature recipes at the Museum of History and Industry? Meg Petty created the now-classic mix of hearty greens, rice, and other vegetables and herbs, looking to invent a deli dish that contained no common allergens. She told Sound Consumer the story here.

Sesame Capellini is just one of the many recipes Thien Ven has contributed to PCC. Ven joined the co-op in 1991, when he remembers that everyone would experiment with new recipes. “If it looked good, we’d try it,” he recalled.

There’s an actual Steph behind PCC’s famous Steph’s Tofu. In fact, a farsighted Stephanie Coren originally named the dish “Steph’s Famous Tofu” when she created it in the late 1980s. (It was so addictive, customers once called the police to say it must contain drugs.) Read about its origins here.


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