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Coffee and methylene chloride

Is PCC’s bulk bean decaf coffee manufactured without using methylene chloride?

PCC replies: Thank you for your question about methylene chloride, a chemical that some companies use to decaffeinate coffee.  We are glad to confirm that PCC’s coffee is manufactured without using methylene chloride. All of PCC’s coffee is certified organic, and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic standards do not permit using methylene chloride for decaffeinating coffee. In fact, Consumer Reports recommends that anyone trying to ensure that synthetic solvents were not used for decaffeinating their coffee should seek out the organic seal.


Subscribing to Sound Consumer

Is there a way to subscribe to the email version of Sound Consumer? I subscribe to all other PCC email communications, but I am having difficulty finding how to subscribe to Sound Consumer.

PCC replies: Thank you for asking about subscribing to PCC’s monthly email of Sound Consumer highlights. To subscribe visit pccmarkets.com/newsletters and choose Co-op News email list. 

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