PCC Customer Service Stars


Gale Thomas

Cashier, Kirkland PCC

Gale joined the team at Kirkland PCC more than a year ago, after years of previous experience in the grocery industry. She loves interacting with people, greeting each customer that comes to her register with kindness, and prioritizing each connection she makes. She loves thinking about all the families over the decades that have been positively impacted by PCC’s mission to bring healthy food to their tables. Gale loves supporting organic food and her favorite items to get at PCC are all the fresh, organic produce. You’ll also find her exploring many different cuisines—she especially enjoys Indian dishes with fresh naan. In her free time, you’ll find Gale doing yoga, biking, drawing, reading and keeping up with family. We know she will continue to bring joy to the Kirkland front end. Thank you for your kindness and wonderful customer service, Gale!


India Flemmings

Kitchen Manager, View Ridge PCC

India has been working in PCC Market Kitchens for four years. Her upbringing was centered on natural foods and, once she started working for PCC, she knew the clean products and passionate people would make it a great fit for her values. India is proud of the growth she’s experienced within the co-op and plans to be with PCC for a long time. As the Deli Team Lead, she aims to create a calm, positive and collaborative work environment, always leading with excellent service. She loves so many of our deli items but especially looks forward to when the Blueberry Nectarine Caprese Salad is made each summer. Outside of her time at PCC, you might find India walking her dog Muffin, painting, indulging in some self-care or enjoying one of her favorite Jamaican meals. We are so thankful to have India as a leader in our organization and love her recipe for successful service: a big smile and a lot of gratitude.


Sam Niehl

Deli Helper Clerk, Issaquah PCC

Sam has been a Deli Helper Clerk in our Issaquah store for about a year, but he’s been a PCC shopper his whole life. As a kid, he would come to the co-op with his family (he loved picking out his piece of free fruit). Sam always assumes the best in people. Every day, he shows empathy to customers and brings a calm, positive attitude to the job. He has many favorite PCC products, but the Southwest Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella Pasta are his favorites. Sam appreciates PCC’s commitment to local food and the local community and knows he’ll be a lifelong co-op shopper. Outside of work, he enjoys going to the gym and playing the drums, and he recently traveled to Spain. Sam, thanks for modeling great customer service. We’re so glad you’re on our team!


Mark Frasher

Point-of-Sale Store Specialist, Bothell PCC

Mark began working at the View Ridge PCC in college and has now been with the co-op for 32 years. While he initially came to PCC to pay his way through school, Mark stayed thanks to the co-op’s vision, mission and values. He’s been a vital team member for 14 new store openings, providing a high level of service to staff amid that exciting process. Currently Mark works as the Point-of-Sale Administrator for the Bothell store and is also the Point-of-Sale Store Specialist, helping to ensure consistent pricing and signage accuracy across the co-op. He’s proud that PCC puts a high emphasis on pricing accuracy and enjoys working with multiple departments around the store. Outside of PCC, Mark enjoys being outside and gardening. Thank you, Mark! Your contributions to PCC are immeasurable.

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