PCC Customer Service Stars

This article was originally published in March 2022

Zoe Foote

Zoe Foote

Cashier / Floral, Central District PCC

Zoe moved to Seattle and began working at PCC two years ago as a Courtesy Clerk at Green Lake Village. When the Central District store opened, she was excited to join that team as a Cashier. She brings such warmth and kindness to the opening cashier shift, which has resulted in her establishing deep connections with her regular customers. Zoe found a deep love and appreciation for the Central District community, especially the customers who reside in the building above.
Zoe spends her free time reading comics and books, exploring Seattle’s parks, developing her friendships, and engaging in political activism. Zoe has really enjoyed building her community and life in Seattle, which she noted is largely due to all the people she has met through PCC.

Luke Redler

Luke Redler

Cook, Green Lake Aurora PCC

Luke was drawn to PCC’s values and the opportunity to cook for his community when he joined the staff more than 10 years ago, and he has since worked every position the deli has to offer. From espresso to hot bar to cook, Luke’s most cherished moments are when he can connect with customers about the food he has made. He believes cooking is the highest form of service you can offer people, and he is grateful to have a job that combines cooking with human connection. 

Environmental concerns are also at the top of Luke’s mind, and he would encourage others to vote with their dollars and be mindful of their impact. As soon as you meet Luke, you know that his personable positivity will spill over into everything he does. The Green Lake deli really has someone special in him.

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