PCC conducts CEO search

This article was originally published in July 2020

Brad Brown is serving as PCC’s interim CEO while the Board of Trustees seeks out a permanent CEO to succeed Cate Hardy, who left PCC in June after a five-year tenure. Brown has served on the board since 2017 and is a former REI Co-op executive. The Board considered several candidates for the interim role, and said Brown stood out for his executive and co-op experience, tenure on the Board and contributions to the Board’s Accounting and Finance Committee and Membership Task Force. Hardy is leaving to become CEO of The Wine Group.

Board Chair Catherine Walker praised Hardy’s leadership “through a period of tremendous transformation and growth” and said the Board will prioritize the best interests of co-op members, staff, and the communities that PCC serves throughout the CEO search process.

“We are focused on identifying and recruiting a person who embodies the co-op’s values and brings the experience, skills, and cultural appreciation desired to lead PCC today and into the future” she said.

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