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This article was originally published in June 2019

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A core cooperative principle is democratic member control, which means that members can participate in making certain decisions for the co-op. One of the ways this comes to life for our co-op is through our Annual Election when members can vote for candidates to serve on PCC’s Board of Trustees (“Board”). Candidates are elected for a three-year term.

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A Message from the PCC Nominating Committee

After careful consideration, the PCC Nominating Committee is pleased to present this year’s slate of nominees for member consideration:

  • Cindy Bolton
  • Debra Johnson
  • Angela Owen

The Nominating Committee is responsible for choosing the slate of board candidates.

For the 2019 election the committee received and reviewed 10 completed applications and conducted six applicant interviews. Criteria for eligibility included executive finance experience; executive retail experience; governing board leadership experience; diversity; and an understanding and commitment to PCC’s triple bottom line priorities of social, environmental and fiscal responsibility. This year’s slate is exceptionally well qualified in these criteria.

There are three open Board positions in the 2019 election cycle. According to PCC’s Bylaws, when the number of candidates and the number of open Board seats are the same, members have the opportunity to vote for or against each nominee. A nominee is elected to the Board if the votes cast for that nominee exceed the number of votes against that nominee’s election.

Candidates are elected by a simple majority of votes cast for them. A candidate will not be elected if the votes cast against that person’s election exceed the votes cast for that person’s election. Additional details on the co-op election process are enumerated in PCC’s Bylaws.

Participating in PCC’s annual election is an important opportunity for co-op members to exercise their democratic rights and responsibilities. Thank you for voting in this year’s election.

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The business and affairs of PCC are governed by a Board of Trustees elected by PCC’s membership. Members’ right to elect trustees is the foundation upon which the cooperative principle of member democratic control rests. Your exercise of voting rights is a key tool for making your voice heard by PCC’s trustees and management. The Board thanks this year’s Nominating Committee for their time, hard work and dedication to PCC, and we thank you, our members, for participating in our cooperative’s governance with your vote.


A candidate for trustee will be elected to the Board if the votes cast “for” the candidate’s election exceed the votes “against” — so your vote counts! If a candidate does not receive more votes for their election than against it, and as a result they are not elected and a Board seat is not filled, the Board may appoint someone to fill that vacancy until the next annual meeting. Additional details on the election process can be found in PCC’s Bylaws.

The Board of Trustees recommends a vote “FOR” the election of the three Board candidates named above.


Thank you for giving this election your time and attention, and thank you for voting.

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