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This article was originally published in February 2018

Healthy Snacks | Staff Picks

feb staff picks compilation

PCC’s Candied Pecans

I love them! They are the perfect blend of sweet and spice! I eat a few after dinner as dessert almost every day, and they make a great topper for salads. Also Grizzlie’s All Trail Mix — just nuts and dried fruit with no added sugar. So simple and so good. I always keep some in my drawer at work so I can grab a nibble when I need a little something to keep me going until my next meal.

— Marie Steffens, PCC Office

Marinated Castelvetrano Olives

These are my favorite snack sold in the PCC bulk olive and antipasto bar. Meaty Castelvetrano olives with savory herbs and fennel seeds make for the best snack, accompaniment for cheeses or charcuterie, or a crisp, clean dirty martini. The Marinated Castrelvetrano Olives made in-house at the PCC deli are the best and can’t be found anywhere else.

— Leon Bloom, PCC Office

Fuji apples

with fresh ground almond butter drizzled with raw honey. Yum!!!

— Brandy Leigh, Columbia City PCC

PCC’s pesto tortellini

I’m obsessed with the pesto tortellini in the deli case — it’s been around forever, but it’s amazing. Especially if you throw it in the microwave for a few!

— Persia Wakatsuki, Fremont PCC

Sprouted, salted almonds

have the best combination of salt, oil and a little sweetness from the sprouted almonds. Very satisfying! Also, the house-made baba ganoush — smoky, creamy deliciousness to dip your pita in and top with a delicious bulk olive or two!

— Terry DeBlasio, PCC Office

Navitas Golden Berries

They are kind of sweet but mostly tart and they have little seeds that add a little crunch and texture. Super healthy — I eat them with my oatmeal or a handful as a pick-me-up.

— Marianne Gibbs, PCC Office


Organic Citrus

  • Mandarins — Deer Creek Heights Ranch in Porterville, California
  • Pixie Tangerines — Ojai Growers in Southern California
  • Gold Nugget Tangerines — California
  • Red plums and nectarines— New Zealand

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