PCC Board of Trustees Report, October 2017

Sound Consumer October 2017

August Board Meeting

The board of trustees met on August 30, 2017 and heard reports from its Audit and Finance, Governance and Membership, Social and Environmental, and Management Development and Compensation committees. CEO Cate Hardy reported on financials, and co-op wide projects and initiatives. Management provided an update on the co-op’s social and environmental strategy, strategic planning process, and the co-op’s plan to label genetically engineered products in stores by 2018. The board also voted to appoint Brad Brown to the board. Brad is the second appointee that the board has made under the new bylaws, which allow the board to appoint up to two individuals whose term “begins on the effective date of his or her appointment and ends on the date on which the voting results are determined for the next annual meeting held after his or her appointment.”

Next Board Meeting

In the September issue of the Sound Consumer, we shared we are experimenting with moving to regular meetings held four times a year, with the meetings taking place during the workday, compared to our prior schedule of holding regular meetings seven times a year, at the end of the day. The next board meeting will be held on December 6, 2017, at the PCC Co-op Office: 3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98121.

Communicating with the Board

PCC’s board of trustees is elected to represent the interests of co-op members. Hearing from members enhances the governance and ongoing betterment of the cooperative for members. Members may communicate with the board of trustees by transmitting correspondence by email or mail, addressed as follows:

Email us at board@pccmarkets.com. Postal mail should go to the Co-op Office.

A designated PCC staff member will, as he or she deems appropriate, forward communication to our board of trustees, to any individual trustee, or committee of our board of trustees, to whom the communication is directed.

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