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This article was originally published in May 2017


Organic produce

  • New-crop organic seedless red and green grapes
  • Organic melons, including watermelon and cantaloupe (late in the month)
  • Organic apricots
  • Organic nectarines
  • Organic plums
  • Organic pluots
  • Organic Diva apples
  • Organic corn (late in the month)
Flora Flor-Essence Gentle Detox

Flora Flor-Essence Gentle Detox

An organic, herbal purification tea that provides a nourished, spring clean for your body.

— Brandy L., Columbia City

Luke Wahluke Slope Cabernet Sauvignon

Luke Wahluke Slope Cabernet Sauvignon

My go-to wine, the kind that makes you lick your lips with every sip. Rich and luxurious.

— Jennifer B., Fremont


Fauxmage Olives and Rosemary non-dairy

Fauxmage Olives and Rosemary non-dairy

The best brie — always perfectly ripe, not too pungent. Wonderful texture and flavor. A great treat for a celebration or just to indulge.

— Lisa K., Kirkland

Siggi's Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr)

Siggi’s Icelandic-style yogurt (skyr)

I like the plain very much, high in protein, low in calories and I think it could replace sour cream for me. I eat one a day.

— Gregg H., Edmonds


Schmidt's Naturals deodorant

Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant

I was in love with my last natural deodorant and was convinced nothing was better, but I was hooked on Schmidt’s from day one. In a blind smell test it won arms up!

— Jess L., office

Cobb's peanut butter cups (bakery department)

Cobb’s peanut butter cups (bakery department)

Bite-sized, not too sweet, and the dark chocolate is the perfect amount of bitter. It’s local, raw and sweetened with honey — everything I want out of my desserts!

— Ruzielle G., Columbia City


PCC dark roast coffee

PCC dark roast coffee

I drink a lot of coffee and try new stuff nearly weekly but I can always tell when the PCC dark roast is back in the rotation at home. Dark and chocolaty — I love it.

— Scott O., office


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