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Sound Consumer July 2016

Lapin cherries

Organic produce

  • Lapin cherries — from River Valley Organics in Tonasket, Wash.
  • Rainier cherries — from LaPierre Farms in Zillah, Wash.
  • Draper blueberries — from LaPierre Farms in Zillah, Wash.
  • Leaf lettuce — from Rent’s Due Ranch in Stanwood, Wash.
  • Cherry tomatoes — from Durst Family Farm in Capay Valley, Calif.
  • Organic Dapple Dandy pluots — from Wild River Organics in Orland, Calif.
Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

I’m not sure what it’s doing but applying this to my face after cleansing and toning makes me look all glowy and youngish.

— Claudia L.

Gabriel Cosmetics White Seaweed Hand & Body Lotion

Very hydrating but non-greasy and really sinks into your skin.

— Roxanne G.

Cascade Ice Organic Citrus Twist

Sparkling water with organic essences from citrus oils and extracts. Zero calories, refreshing. Drink it daily, love it!

— Justine B.

PCC Herb and Garlic Lamb Burgers

PCC Herb and Garlic Lamb Burgers

From the meat department, so good you don’t need a bun. They have just the right amount of seasoning and make such a simple dinner.

— Heather S.

Sunny Pine Farm Organic Chèvre

A great local, organic goat cheese from the Methow Valley.

— Robin C.

Delice Cremeaux

A happy medium of savory and creamy goodness, this cheese goes great with this summer’s northwest berry crop.

— Norman G.



I love this and so does Beyoncé! It’s refreshing, lower in sugar than most other juices, and has twice as much potassium as a banana.

— Nick R.

Pure Éire buttermilk

The best buttermilk I’ve tasted in more than 50 years. From Jersey cows, this 100-percent grass-fed, organic local milk is slow vat-pasteurized and cultured with probiotics.

— Trudy B.

Reuben’s Gose beer

Light, tart, refreshing, local. Summer favorite.

— Leif O.

Product availability varies by store.

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