Has your diet changed?

This article was originally published in February 2016

Has your diet changed much over the years? Do you eat differently now than you did in the past? We’d like to understand how personal dietary choices have evolved and would value your input.

  • How has your diet changed over the years, and why?
  • What factors have driven your personal food evolution?
  • When you buy food, what do you consider? Taste? Health? How it impacts the environment or the people who produce it? Price?
  • Do you avoid certain foods? What are your favorites?
  • Do you believe your new choices are healthier or better in some way?

These are just suggestions — feel free to get creative with your responses. Please send us a paragraph about your dietary journey to eli.penberthy@pccmarkets.com by March 15. We certainly will keep your name and identity private, if desired.

Thank you!

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