Organic, heirloom and non-GMO turkeys

Sound Consumer November 2015

PCC is delighted to offer a full range of turkeys to choose from this holiday season. Of course, we’ll offer Diestel’s premier certified organic turkeys, raised on an all-organic diet without GMOs or synthetic pesticides, and free to roam outdoors.

We also will have certified organic American Heirloom turkeys, a special legacy breed that enjoys foraging for its food, a diet supplemented with organic grain. These heirloom birds have a more succulent skin that renders down for a richer flavor.

Also, for the first time, we’re offering free-range, Non-GMO Project Verified turkeys. These birds are raised on a Non-GMO Project Verified vegetarian diet.

All these birds are from the family-owned Diestel ranch, known for birds raised sustainably with high animal welfare standards and without artificial growth stimulants. They’re raised almost twice as long and with four times as much space to roam as conventional birds.

If you would rather leave the cooking to us, we’ll offer organic turkey or smoked non-GMO turkeys fully cooked, so you can spend your time relaxing or baking the perfect dessert. To reserve your holiday turkey, visit

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