PCC Board of Trustees report, July 2015

This article was originally published in July 2015

Election report

board report july

From left to right: (l-r) Issaquah assistant store director James Parker and store director Celeste Coxen accept the AMC movie tickets on behalf of the staff. (l-r) Nominating committee chair, Julie Tempest, board candidates Maggie Lucas, Jason Filippini, Michael Hutchings and Sandy Voit along with nominating committee member Janet Hietter campaigned at the Greenlake Village store on May 9. (l-r) Jordan Gould and Heidi Schwartz were one of the ballot counting teams at the business office on May 21.

PCC’s 2015 election ended May 18. The ballots were counted at a public meeting on Thursday, May 21 (results below).

Maggie Lucas, outgoing board chair and newly re-elected trustee noted, “Thank you to all of the members who participated in our co-op’s governance by voting in our annual election and/or by attending our annual meeting. Your continued support and enthusiasm inspire us all. I am proud to represent PCC’s members on its board of trustees.”

The board also deeply appreciates the work of the nominating committee whose tasks include screening and interviewing applicants and monitoring the election through the vote count. “Our members clearly felt that we had four very strong candidates. This was the closest vote in a number of years,” noted trustee Carol Binder, who represented the board on this year’s nominating committee.

Maggie Lucas 1,855 votes
Sandy Voit 1,633 votes
Michael Hutchings 1,221 votes
Jason Filippini 1,126 votes

Newly re-elected trustee Sandy Voit has this message: “I am grateful to the members for entrusting me with another term to serve them as a member of the board. My fellow trustees and I look forward to the work ahead in the new board year. PCC expansion (new stores in Greenlake and Columbia City, and home delivery coming soon) helps provide ways to increase value to our members. Thank you for your support.”

Nominating committee results

All four candidates were elected to one-year terms on the 2015-2016 nominating committee.

Sara Walsh 1,831 votes
Leanne Skooglund Hofford 1,723 votes
Karen Gaudette Brewer 1,705 votes
Mary Simon 1,686 votes

The election allows for a bit of fun and competition for the stores. The election ballots give members a chance to name their “home” store and the store with the highest number of ballots wins a prize. Issaquah was tops this year for the first time. The Issaquah team members won movie tickets and they were all entered into a drawing to win tickets to a professional Seattle sports or arts event.

Board meeting report

The June 30 board meeting report will be published in the August Sound Consumer.

The board met on May 26 and heard reports from all of its committees and task forces.

The board heard the election results and shared feedback from campaigning in the stores. The nominating committee was thanked for its work this year.

The finance committee reported on its review of the first quarter financials, which they found to be solidly positive. The committee recommended and the board approved the audit firm for the 2015 tax and finance audits.

The member relations committee led a review of the annual meeting. Nearly 500 members and guests heard co-op status reports from the board and management and enjoyed a celebration of PCC Cooks. The members also were treated to a retrospective of PCC’s history in the Seward Park community and a look ahead at the new Columbia City store scheduled to open this summer.

Recommendations from the nominations/recruiting task force were discussed and approved.

The CEO evaluation committee reported on its work to date.

The next board meeting is July 28, 5 p.m. at the co-op business office with member comment period at 6 p.m.

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