Changes in milk choices

This article was originally published in September 2014

You may be noticing some changes in PCC’s fresh milk choices. Just like we don’t allow antibiotics in producing meat, poultry or seafood, we don’t want antibiotics in milk, either.

PCC’s organic, local milk already has replaced half-gallons from Smith Brothers. We’ll be replacing non-organic quarts and pints from the Smith Brothers brand with organic, grass-fed, local Pure Eire milk in quarts and pints — as soon as the bottle manufacturer catches up with orders.

PCC is making these changes after confirming that Smith Brothers and Liberty brands of milk are produced using ionophores, a class of antibiotics.

Virtually all non-organic milk is produced with antibiotics as part of the conventional production model. Grace Harbor Farms milk, sold at PCC, is an exception. It’s not organic but Grace Harbor milk is produced without non-therapeutic antibiotics. Grace Harbor also is produced without any corn or soy, to avoid genetically engineered grain in the cows’ diet.

Our PCC-brand of organic milk in half-gallons is from local, organic family farmers. We’ll also continue to sell Organic Valley branded milk in quarts and gallons.

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