PCC Board of Trustees report, January 2014

This article was originally published in January 2014

Board report

There was no board meeting in December. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be January 28. Member comment period is at 7 p.m. Comments are limited to three minutes unless approved in advance by the chair.

2014 board slate

After interviewing seven PCC members, this year’s nominating committee announced the following 2014 board candidate slate:

Carol Binder

Carol Binder (civic volunteer, licensed CPA, ret.), incumbent
Julianne Lamsek

Julianne Lamsek (technology director, KCTS TV 9), incumbent
Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams (civic volunteer, boards of directors), incumbent
Betsy Lieberman

Betsy Lieberman (nonprofit leadership consultant)

We’ll post candidate bios and photos on our website by April 2, including video interviews.

2014 nominating committee slate

2013-2014 nominating committee members

2013-2014 nominating committee members are shown at the West Seattle store following board interviews. (l-r) Tom Monahan, Mary Simon, Janet Hietter, John Sheller and Julie Tempest.

The board also considered applications for the 2014-2015 nominating committee and decided on the following slate:

  • Janet Hietter, incumbent
  • Julie Tempest, incumbent
  • Karen Gaudette Brewer
  • Leanne Skooglund Hofford
  • Sara Walsh


At the November board meeting, Trudy Bialic, PCC director of public affairs and co-chair of the Yes on 522 steering committee, gave the board a post-election report. She included the final numbers, as well as next steps by groups that are continuing to push for labeling.

On behalf of the board and membership, board chair Maggie Lucas thanked Bialic and board member Stephen Tan. Tan, an environmental attorney, volunteered many hours on research, speaking engagements and writing articles in support of 522.

Healthy Kids Cook video series

PCC and ParentMap have partnered to create a new web series, Healthy Kids Cook, that encourages kids to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables with fun, helpful videos featuring seasonal recipes you can make with your kids at home.

PCC always features a fruit and vegetable of the month — this month, beets and navel oranges are the stars — and our January video shows you and your little ones how to use beets to make Ladybug Pancakes.

Kids are more likely to eat what they make and become more adventurous about trying new foods when they are part of the process. So pick up some fresh, organic produce at PCC (remember, kids can choose one free serving of a fruit or vegetable every time they visit a PCC store) and take them home to experiment in the kitchen! Learn more »

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I-522 final stats

Final, official results from the November election show I-522 lost by a very narrow margin, 48.91 percent to 51.09 percent. The difference was just 38,046 votes, meaning only 19,024 more "yes" votes were needed to win.

News bites, January 2014

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