Your co-op, January 2011

Sound Consumer January 2011

Board meeting report

The November 30 board meeting agenda included review and approval of the 2011 operating budget and business plan. The board development committee led discussion of plans for a February retreat. The finance and CEO evaluation committees also reported.

The member relations committee reviewed the fall member meeting. Members’ meeting evaluations showed that they found the program on fair trade informative and entertaining. The committee proposed April 26 as the date of the 2011 annual meeting, and approved “The Future of Organics” as the meeting topic. The board approved both.

April 26 through May 19 were approved as the dates for the board election. The 2011 ballot count meeting was set for May 23.

Next board meeting

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be January 25, 2011. Member comment period is at 7 p.m.

2011 board candidate slate

board members

Members of the 2010-2011 nominating committee: (l-r) Chantal Stevens, Don Nordness, Maggie Lucas, Rick Riehle, Diana Crane and Janet Hietter.

This year’s nominating committee interviewed eight applicants for board candidacy. The committee is nominating the following PCC members for consideration in the 2011 election:

  • Carol Binder
    Management consultant, incumbent
  • Julianne Lamsek
    Director of technology, KCTS 9, incumbent
  • Michael LaBaw
    President, Sound Telecom
  • Jane Repensek
    Vice president, Special Olympics Washington
  • Bruce Williams
    Director, HomeStreet Bank

We’ll post candidate bios and photos on by March 23, including video interviews.

The nominating committee thanks all who submitted applications and encourages all members to check out the candidates on our website in March.

Talk to the Board

Visit with some trustees on January 12 at the West Seattle remodel celebration from 2 to 6 p.m.

CFO celebrates 40 years at PCC


Former board trustees Mary Simon (l) and Bob Cross (r) congratulate Lee (c).

November marked 40 years of service to PCC by Randy Lee, who has held a number of positions throughout the years and has been the co-op’s CFO since 1998.

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