Eat well, choose PCC Farmland Trust farmers

by Kathryn Gardow, Executive Director, PCC Farmland Trust

This article was originally published in May 2008

Spring is here, farmers are planting and our local produce season is about to begin!
Local fresh kale, spinach, asparagus, radishes and salad mix will be available at all PCC Natural Markets this month.

Fresh products from the PCC Farmland Trust’s Ames Creek Farm — including produce, eggs and flowers — will be available at selected farmers’ markets, too. Look for the booths of Full Circle Farm, Growing Things Farm, and Children’s Garden Farm to support the farmers at Ames Creek.

To find the farmer’s market closest to you, visit

When the PCC Farmland Trust purchased the Bennington Place property near Walla Walla in 2003, that enabled Thundering Hooves to expand its pastured beef and poultry program.

While PCC Natural Markets and Thundering Hooves continue to work on ways to supply PCC stores, you can enjoy the taste of the country in the city through their local buying club. Orders for 100-percent grass-fed-and-finished beef, as well as pastured pork, lamb and poultry, are easy to place at

Deliveries to local locations across Puget Sound are quick and easy, bi-weekly or monthly. It’s a great way to support Thundering Hooves and the Huesby family at Bennington Place!

Local neighborhood restaurants also will feature local, seasonal produce and meats. Portage Bay Café, Sand Point Grill, and the Grange in Duvall are local restaurants that use fresh produce from PCC Farmland Trust farms.

Sand Point Grill and the Grange feature Thundering Hooves meats, while the Grange and Portage Bay Café also offer potatoes, carrots and salad greens from Full Circle Farm.

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