Meeting our members' needs

This article was originally published in April 2005

Please note: you are reading an archived article from the Sound Consumer.
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Save 10% on the shopping trip of your choice — now a permanent benefit. After listening to feedback and carefully evaluating costs, we’re happy to report that this flexible discount is now a permanent part of our member benefits package.

Save 5% on the 15th and 16th — now a trial benefit through June. Because of the much greater cost associated with the flexible savings benefit, we will offer 5% off member purchases, rather than 10% on these days.

To save 10% on the shopping trip of your choice, bring your coupon each month from page 2 of your home-delivered Sound Consumer and your PCC member card to any PCC store.

Praise from our members about PCC’s new benefit

“I am a single mom, work full time, have three children and am always on the run. The choose-your-discount-day is a dream come true.”

“PCC is an important part of our healthful living plan. The membership discount and the extra 10 percent-off day makes it possible for us to afford the kind of organic eating that we feel keeps us reasonably healthy. It is cheaper to purchase staples and fresh items at PCC in Seattle, even with the ferry fare, than to buy organic here on the (Bainbridge) Island.”

“Your 10 percent-off anytime coupon is wonderful. I have used it for the past few months and really appreciate the chance to have more flexible time to save money.”

“I like the floating bonus day. I prefer it to the two fixed bonus days on the 15th and 16th. When you pick your own days, the store and parking lot is not crowded and all items are in stock. This makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience, especially if you shop in a really small store, like the one in Kirkland. If you have to eliminate any bonus days, please get rid of the fixed days.”

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