Your co-op, November 2004

This article was originally published in November 2004

Board meeting report for September

The September 29 meeting focused on governance and policy issues, such as the ongoing work on the Articles, planning the semi-annual meeting, and sharing feedback from recent Talk to the Board events.

The Articles/Bylaws Task Force presented a draft of its work to date. Task force members have been attempting to make the Articles of Incorporation easier to read by deleting some of the superfluous legalese, and clarifying other language. (The current definitions of Active and Inactive Status, for example, are confusing and difficult to administer.) The board approved the working document.

The task force will continue its review of the Articles, and also determine if any language changes in the Bylaws may be necessary. Any proposal to change the Articles and Bylaws would be put before the entire membership for approval.

See a report on the meeting below

Applicable member feedback from the semi-annual meeting will be incorporated into the board’s membership retreat agenda. The retreat is tentatively scheduled for January. The Board Development Task Force is planning to present a retreat agenda for approval at the November board meeting.

The discussion of our Ends Policies continued and the board approved a working draft of revised Ends Policies. The new Ends language is a refinement of the language adopted in 2002 and is the result of work by the board and management from the long-term planning retreat last spring, as well as input from members throughout the year. The board expects to approve a final draft at its November meeting.

Next board meeting

In an effort to continue to reach out for member participation in its meetings, the board will next meet at West Seattle PCC, 2749 California Ave., S.W. The meeting will be Tuesday, November 30, and will begin at 5 p.m. Member comment period is at 7 p.m. You may call the office for directions at 206-547-1222 or view directions here.

October 10 semi-annual membership meeting

Approximately 30 members met at the Visitors Center of the Washington Park Arboretum. Following a report by management that outlined the history and costs of member benefits programs, members divided into groups for discussions. A board member facilitated each discussion group. The board’s Linkage Task Force developed four questions that served to generate lively exchanges.

  • How is your membership “paying off?” What are the most valuable elements to you?
  • What other ways can PCC enhance your membership benefits?
  • How can we better communicate membership benefits to you?
  • As a member/owner of PCC, how do you think we can generate new members?

The groups reconvened to share some of the results of their discussions. All of the notes from the group discussions will be consolidated, and the board will use them as they prepare an agenda for a board retreat on membership early next year. Should you have any input on the above questions, please email them to or mail them to the co-op office at 4201 Roosevelt Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98105-6092

In order for all members to have access to the membership information provided by management to members at the meeting, the report will be presented in the December Sound Consumer and on our Web site on the Board Activities Web page.

Deadline for board applications approaches

The nominating committee is hard at work seeking qualified candidates for the board of trustees. “We are reaching out to all the PCC communities to look for members who are willing to commit their time and energy in this leadership role,” notes Kathryn Russell, committee chair. There are three open positions each year that are filled by the membership in an election every May.

Don DeSantis is a certified public accountant who is serving in his second board term. DeSantis is chair of this year’s Finance Task Force. “Serving on the PCC board is challenging and fulfilling work. I would encourage any member who may be interested in board service to attend a board meeting and talk to the current trustees,” said DeSantis.

Visit the Annual Election Web page for a detailed description of the trustee’s job. Should you have questions or wish to receive an application packet, please phone the office or email the committee at Applications will be accepted until December 20, 2004.

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