Your co-op, September 2004

This article was originally published in September 2004

10% off on the day of your choice

PCC tote bag

PCC’s member advantage is getting even better. Starting in October and for the rest of this year, there’ll be an extra member discount day each month. The best part is that members can choose the extra day they want to use their discount.

The flexible member discount day will be implemented with a coupon that members will find printed in the Sound Consumer mailed to their homes. Look for the coupon starting in October’s issue on page two. Members just have to present the coupon at the register with their member card on the day of their choice.

This means that during October, November and December, PCC members can get 10 percent off everything they purchase not just on the 15th and 16th as usual, but for the first time on any additional day of the month they wish.

The flexible discount day for members will be tested during the three months as a trial and evaluated to see if PCC can absorb the expense of the additional member giveback.

Chief Executive Officer Tracy Wolpert explains that the current Member Bonus Days program has been well received by members and tremendously successful. In 2004, he estimates the program will return more than $1,000,000 to members. Many members have expressed interest in having a discount day of choice, and Wolpert believes the co-op is in a position to try expanding the program.

During the trial period, the current program offering members 10 percent off on the 15th and 16th will remain in place. The flexible discount cannot be combined on the 15th or 16th to get 20 percent off.

Notice of semi-annual membership meeting

Sunday, October 10, 2004 at 2 p.m. Donald Graham Visitors Center
Washington Park Arboretum
2300 Arboretum Drive, Seattle

The meeting agenda will focus on member benefits. Directions to the Donald Graham Visitors Center are available here: Annual Meeting or by calling 206-547-1222. Refreshments will be provided. Free parking. Metro bus routes 11, 43 and 48.

Fremont PCC recognized for efforts in sustainability

Exterior of our Fremont PCC

The eco-friendly practices used in the design and construction of our Fremont store continue to attract attention as the trend toward sustainable architecture rises.

The store incorporates recycled, natural and low-toxic building materials and finishes, and was carefully designed to work with — not against — our environment.

The store was selected for an “Honorable Mention” in the sustainable category for the BEST (Business for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow) Awards. The awards, sponsored by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, celebrate notable “green” achievements by Seattle companies.

PCC — along with partners Velocipede Architects and RAFN Commercial Building Group — was also recognized by King County and the Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s Resource Ventures program for their “ambitious efforts to recycle, reduce waste and use recycled-content materials.” PCC is now qualified as a Construction Works member, joining local leaders in the field of sustainable building.

And, in their annual Best of Seattle issue, the Seattle Weekly gave our Fremont store a nod for Best Grocery Store Makeover, calling it “an embodiment of environmental soundness.”

PCC Board report

For a change of pace, the board met at the Issaquah PCC store for its July 27 date. Board Chair Mary Simon noted, “At least once each year, the board tries to meet in a location other than the PCC office in the University District. The Issaquah classroom is a great alternative and offers a closer commute for PCC members on the Eastside who might wish to attend a board meeting.”

All PCC board meetings are open to members. Look for meeting notices in the Sound Consumer and on our board activities page.

The new president of the PCC Farmland Fund, Stephanie Taylor, presented a report on the organization’s recent activity and reinforced the importance of the synergistic relationship between PCC and the PCC Farmland Fund. Taylor pointed to PCC’s work with the Fund as being one of the contributing factors in PCC recently being named a sustainable community leader by Sustainable Seattle. (Note: PCC Farmland Fund is an independent 501(c)3 land trust.)

The board approved charters for the following task forces: Articles/Bylaws, Board Development, Linkage, Staff Relations and Sustainability. It also heard reports from Linkage and Sustainability. The Linkage Task Force has begun planning for the semi-annual membership meeting in October. The semi-annual meeting is designed as a forum for member feedback.

The Sustainability Task Force is planning educational opportunities to partly fulfill the board’s policy on continuing education for members.

The board also worked on refining the language in its Ends Policies to better guide management in its operational role.

Next board meeting
The next board meeting is scheduled September 28, 5 p.m. at the co-op office. Member comments will be heard at 7 p.m.

Talk to the Board

PCC board members

PCC Board Member Bob Cross talks to a member at PCC’s West Seattle Healthy Living Fair.

The “Talk to the Board” schedule has started with two wonderful opportunities to link with members at the West Seattle and Issaquah Healthy Living Fairs. Every board member spent time visiting with members and patrons at the fairs and report that they find this one-on-one type of interaction valuable.

In addition, each month for the next year, board members will visit a different store for the express purpose of giving PCC members a chance to share their ideas and give feedback to the board. Plan ahead and take advantage of these monthly opportunities to meet your board members.

Upcoming visits

  • View Ridge PCC
    Saturday, September 25, 3 to 5 p.m.
  • Seward Park PCC
    Tuesday, October 19, 5 to 7 p.m.

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