Organic restaurant options for when you're out and about

This article was originally published in December 2003

(December 2003) — When you’re in the market for a meal out, there are lots of organic choices. We’ve compiled a handy list — some even offer discounts to PCC members (denoted by an asterisk). See our Community Connections Directory for listings and discounts.

Café Flora
2901 E. Madison, Seattle
206-325-9100 •
Upscale vegetarian eatery with select organic ingredients.

Café Juanita
9702 N.E. 120th Place, Kirkland
425-823-1505 •
Upscale foods of Northern Italy. Mostly organic, some vegetarian.

7314 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle
206-706-7703 •
Upscale, popular vegetarian eatery.

Chaco Canyon
4759 Brooklyn Ave N.E., Seattle • 206-522-6966
Seattle’s only raw food menu. Mostly organic. Also serving fresh juices and espresso.

Coffee Messiah
1554 E. Olive Way, Seattle
206-861-8233 •
Organic vegan breakfast Tuesday-Sunday; organic juices.

Essential Baking Company
1604 N. 34th St., Seattle • 206-545-3804
2719 East Madison, Seattle • 206-328-0078
Soup, salads, pastries and sandwiches made with Essential’s famous organic breads.

Flying Apron Organic Bakery
50th and Brooklyn, Seattle
206-526-2903 •
Organic, wheat-free and mostly vegan desserts made with fruit juice sweeteners.

Good Morning Healing Earth
901 N.E. 55th St., Seattle • 206-523-8025
Mostly organic, all-vegan fare.

Gravity Bar
415 Broadway E., Seattle • 206-325-7186
Space-age vegetarian food and a dazzling juice bar.

Hillside Quickie’s
4106 Brooklyn Ave. N.E., Seattle • 206-632-3037
More than 15 organic and vegan burgers, sandwiches, soup, chili and salads.

4401 Wallingford Ave. N., Seattle • 206-633-1175
300 Broadway E., Seattle • 206-860-1818
375 N.W. Gilman Blvd., Issaquah • 425-557-1919
Organic produce and American fare with an ethnic twist.

Portage Bay Café
4130 Roosevelt Way N.E., Seattle • 206-547-8230
Full breakfast and lunch menus featuring organic breads, vegetables, salads, cheeses, coffee, juices and wines.

Silence-Heart-Nest* 5247 University Way N.E., Seattle
A peaceful oasis featuring organic vegetarian cuisine.

The Stalk Exchange* 6711 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle • 206-782-3911
Upscale meals for everyone with organic meats and vegetarian choices.

Sterling Café* 2614 N.E. 55th St., Seattle
206-522-3011 •
All organic with something for everyone, from salads to seafood and steaks. Won Seattle Magazine award for one of the best burgers in town.

Union Bay Café
3515 N.E. 45th St., Seattle • 206-527-8364
Pretty restaurant serving mostly organic fare.

Vegete Restaurant
131 15th Ave., Seattle
206-325-1733 •
Mainly organic ingredients, vegetarian sandwiches and deli.

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