Letters to the editor, December 2001

This article was originally published in December 2001

Harvey Varga’s comments on butter


I want to add my two cents worth about Harvey Varga’s comments on butter. His comments on moderation are very well taken: butter in moderation contributes no more caloric content to our diet than any other fat.

A number of years ago my physician suggested to me that if I wanted to eat such foods, he recommended butter. Even though it is high in unsaturated fats he felt that the free radicals present in margarine (made with hydrogenated oils) was much more of a health hazard. Medical research is now indicating that free radicals play a role in many kinds of cancers.

Therefore, I believe that if my diet is well-balanced with plenty of grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, a modest amount of butter is not harmful to my overall health. I exercise and get my cholesterol tested and enjoy the foods cooked with or served with butter.
— Mike Nelson

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