Vote with your tax rebate check — sign it over to the PCC Farmland Fund

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This article was originally published in August 2001

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That’s what I’m going to do. I didn’t ask for the tax rebate our federal government is sending me. I’d rather see the money go to support programs I consider important. The current federal budget cuts funding for farmland preservation, while the estate tax repeal will reduce gifts to non-profit organizations — so I’m going to endorse my tax rebate check over to the Farmland Fund. If you feel the same way, mail yours to the address on this page and we’ll keep track of how much support comes from this choice. What if all of us voted with our rebate checks for what we think should be the priorities of our government?

Monthly giving automatically
Thanks to Nancy Tucker of Snoqualmie, the Farmland Fund can now arrange monthly donations by automatic electronic funds transfer from debit or credit cards. Nancy wrote, “I was very happy to read about the creation of the PCC Farmland Fund. I think it’s a great idea to save as much of our valuable farmland as we can before it’s too late. I will be sending in a small contribution to support this mission. I would like to be able to send more, but with a child in college, spare funds are minimal. I was wondering whether it would be possible to set up a process for automatic donations on a monthly basis. I, and probably many others, would like to make larger contributions, but can’t afford a big chunk all at once. It’s sometimes hard for people to donate a larger sum of money at one time, but $10, $20 or more per month is easy to work into the budget.”

If this method of giving sounds right for you, contact the Fund and we’ll set it up together.

Betty Hughes Member Challenge: 65 percent of the match redeemed!

Betty matches every dollar PCC members give to the Fund with 50 cents of her own, up to a combined total of $45,000. The challenge lasts through October 2001.

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A Moveable Feast supports the Farmland Fund
by Rebeca Lugo, Owner

A Moveable Feast commends the efforts of the PCC Farmland Fund. The rate at which commercial and residential development is destroying farmland and animal habitats is alarming. We support the Farmland Fund as a way to provide organic fruits and vegetables without harmful pesticides as well as a means to assist the farmers who grow them. We have a responsibility to our environment and if we fail to act, our decision will deprive future generations of the resources we now enjoy.

We at A Moveable Feast manufacture our products using only top quality vegetables. We offer a wide variety of delicious sandwiches and burritos which are low in fat and provide a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are using more organic produce as a way to directly support organic farmers and to promote a cleaner environment. We invite you to try our products and guarantee your satisfaction.

We congratulate PCC on its vision and its commitment to helping organic farmers and protecting our wildlife. We are glad to be a part of the Farmland Fund and hope that others will also participate in this great opportunity.


Left to right: Jeff Cox, PCC’s Beer and Wine Merchandiser, Jody Aliesan, Farmland Fund President, Tim DeCook and Carolyn DeCook, co-owners of Badger Mountain Vineyards.

The Farmland Fund receives a check from Badger Mountain Vineyards, 5 percent of sales in April-May of their no-added-sulfites wines.

Saving Magnolia Dairy
Longtime members may recall that PCC once bought milk from the Magnolia Dairy. Our co-op has a historic connection with this pastureland. It’s now an island in the suburbs, surrounded by development, like our Delta Farm.

The Fund has agreed to serve as fiscal agent for the group working to buy Magnolia Dairy. We will receive and deposit donations to their effort until their application for tax-exempt status is approved by the IRS. Click here for story in August 2001 issue of Sound Consumer.

Donor Roster

(June 1 – June 30)
Anonymous: 10
John and Judy Armstrong
Susan Bach
Nan Beech and Paul Buzzo
Jane Blackwell
Lisa Breckenridge
JoanLee B. Childers
Susannah Dalzell
Kristin Elko
Jennifer Ernst
Jared and Cindi Gellert
Lynn Gottlieb
Sharon Gross and Nancy Howe
Virginia A. Kelley
Janet and Barry Lia
Vic Harris and Kathleen Lowe
Norine Grace and Bernie O’Malley
Nancy Howe and Sharon Gross
Betty and Gordon Jackins
Francis and Carol Sue Janes
Janine Jijina
Jessica Jones and Daniel Jones
Jeanette Lim and Kent Unruh
Betty Lont
Diane McAlister
David and Marcia McCracken
Colleen McShane and David Batchelder
Pamela Mills
Leinaala Mitchell
Don Myhre
Merry and Tom O’Brien
Sharon Parshall
Julie G. Rowe
Jerry Rutherford
Tony Tudisco and Aline Parker
Catherine Pihoker Vanderwilt
Kendra Wagner

PCC staff
Over one hundred PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Nancy Gagnat donated her ten-year PCC anniversary award and Eva Vinson made an additional gift.

Adobe Systems Incorporated (matching)
Blue Willow Tea Company

In honor
Murray Beech
Joy and Jack Mills
Jacqueline, Noelle and Ivy Mitchell
LeeAyra Sorensen and Christian Guy Piccini
Anthony J. Tudisco

In memory
Jane Bell’s Father
Jim Heckman
H. Clayton Moyer
Francis J. Pihoker

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