News Brief: PCC Releases 2020 Co-op Purposes Report

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April 26, 2021

Today, PCC Community Markets launched its 2020 Co-op Purposes Report that is in service to members and the larger co-op community. The annual report outlines PCC’s activity this past year that connects with its mission to ensure that good food nourishes the communities it serves, while cultivating vibrant, local, organic food systems. Below are highlights from PCC’s work to support and nurture its community in 2020:


The co-op distributed 1.7 million pounds of product to neighborhood partners and held more than 600 Cooking Classes in 2020.

From membership growth to pandemic response and energy use reduction, “PCC 2020 Snapshot” demonstrates how the co-op operates on a triple bottom line, balancing economic, social and environmental impact as well as a showcasing range of areas that make the co-op unique.


PCC’s Ballard location was recognized as the first Living Building Challenge Petal Certified grocery store in the world and the co-op introduced new standards for the eggs and Chinook Salmon it carries.

News like this is covered in the co-op’s bi-monthly Sound Consumer newspaper that shares unique stories illustrating how PCC views all aspects of its business through a sustainable lens. In the “Highlights of Our Year” you can catch up on these stories and more to learn about the work PCC did in 2020 to provide sustainable and transparent products, advocate for organic food systems, design green stores and support the communities the co-op serves.


PCC crystalized its vision: to inspire and advance the health and well-being of people, their communities, and our planet.

Last year, PCC’s Board and leadership team worked together with an expert consultant to seek input from staff, members and partners to identify the co-op’s vision, mission and values. Read more about that work and other focus areas in the “Letter from the Board of Trustees”.


PCC introduced new microgrants to diverse entrepreneurs (BIPOC, female and LGBTQIA+) in partnership with Ventures.

This is one example of the work PCC did last year in its active focus of developing a culture of learning, compassion and inclusion. The “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Update” takes a deeper look at a range of efforts the co-op took last year to become a more inclusive place for staff and shoppers.


Since 2017, PCC has added a net of 1,353 new organic products to its shelves, achieving the co-op’s 5-year goal ahead of schedule.

In the “Our Path Forward” section you can check out the co-op’s progress on it 5-year sustainability goals that look at milestones including achieving carbon positive store operations, decreasing water use and increasing landfill diversions.


Read the full report, here, for even more interesting insights into the co-op’s activity on behalf of its members and community.

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