Find your rythym

Take the pressure off self-care this year.

Discover the ritual in your routine with help from PCC Community Markets. Savor every forkful of Emerald City Salad on your lunch break. Set aside five morning minutes for a botanical facial. Squeeze in an organic citrus snack between errands. When you fill your cart with grass-fed collagen, peak-season produce and fresh-made meals, you fill your cup. See how the little things add up! We’ve collected inspiration that makes wellness welcoming, from recipes to cooking classes.

PCC Spicy Squash Salad with Lentils

Make meals manageable.

Eating well is easier than you think! Find simple and delicious ways to pack more plants into your plate, from vegan weeknight meals to satisfying salads. Need a breakfast boost? Wake up to ready-to-eat organic oats.

slicing salmon fillet

Gain kitchen confidence.

Learn to craft nourishing dishes as you build a supportive community of foodies in a PCC Cooking Class. From gut healthy soups and anti-inflammatory eats to sustainable seafood on a budget, there’s a class for every lifestyle.

PCC bulk department

Let’s talk wellness.

This month in Sound Consumer, we’re debunking healthy eating, exploring fresh ways with fermented foods and shopping wholesome ingredients on a budget from the PCC bulk department.

Dig In

Head-to-toe health.

Our health and body care products are good for you and the planet. We ban more than 500 harmful ingredients and support plastic-free packaging.

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Makers that do more.

Moon Valley Organics making soap
Moon Valley Organics
Deming, Washington

Moon Valley Organics handcrafts PCC Cleansing Body Bars using organic beeswax, antioxidant-rich oils, and organic herbs that they grow themselves to support local pollinators. Every time you soap up, you can trust that you’re nourishing yourself and the planet.

Wunderground Coffee Jody Hall
Seattle, Washington

With a passion for mental health, Jody Hall transforms coffee into a wellness drink. She infuses coffee with organic adaptogenic mushrooms, sourcing beans directly from smallholder farms, to support your health as well as the communities where coffee is grown.

Huney Jun Kombucha owners
Huney Jun Kombucha
Leavenworth, Washington

They source their honey ethically and support local pollinators through the Save the Bee initiative, all while operating out of a zero-waste brewery. The result is a delicious, gut-healthy beverage that creates wellness on a large scale.

Join our thriving community.

Fill your cup when you fill your cart! Become a PCC member and see how every purchase at our co-op does more for your wellness and your community’s.

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