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Get more out of your morning sip.

Wunderground has brought their adaptogenic mushroom-infused coffees to your neighborhood PCC. Pick up a bag of their beans in the coffee aisle or head to one of our 11 in-store cafés.

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Upgrade your mocha.

In addition to locally roasted espresso, our signature Wunderground Mocha features a wellness boost from mushrooms — perfect for busy days.

Boost any brew.

Add a shot of Wunderground to any milk-based drink, including chai, matcha, lattes and steamers for $1.50.

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Jody Hall

Harnessing the power of mushrooms for good.

Driven by her passion for human connection and advocacy for mental health, Jody Hall set out to create a product that puts people first. Wunderground became the culmination of it all — taking the ritualistic beverage of coffee and making it better for all involved, from growers to those who do the sipping. Each brew starts with beans sourced directly from smallholder farmers, ensuring that 75% of the premium price goes back to them. With wellness top of mind, they infuse these beans with adaptogenic mushrooms, which have been found to uplift mood and help with focus. Now, Jody is serving up signature drinks in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and throughout the Puget Sound at PCC.

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Why add mushrooms to your coffee?

  • Balance: Adding mushrooms to your brew allows you to enjoy the antioxidant benefits of coffee without the crash by calming your adrenal system.
  • Restoration: Fungi can act as a tonic! When incorporated into your daily routine, they help to build, strengthen and nourish the tissues of the body.
  • Immunity: Mushroom’s naturally occurring adaptogens activate the complement to your immune system, which enhances the ability of your antibodies and boosts immunity.

Join Jody online!

PCC members are invited to a virtual event with Wunderground founder Jody Hall. She’ll speak to the healing power of mushrooms and their process for infusing coffee.

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Jody Hall